motherhood monday : end of term

20140407-220059.jpgWe are crawling toward the end of the school term, it’s only a week to go before the Easter holiday!

 The three of us have done pretty well this half term.  It’s been crazily busy these past couple weeks with mad swimming training almost every morning and sometimes double it in the afternoon as well.  Twin #1 competed in State Championship 2014 over the week-end, two days in a row.  The long waiting at the stadium was worth though, he got two bronzes, one for 50 meter Butterfly and another one for 50 meter backstroke.  Not too bad, considering this was his first State Championship! And he got three Personal Bests…woohoo! 🙂 If you follow this blog, perhaps you find that I post a lot about twin #1 with his swimming here and there. I won’t say sorry that I brag about my son doing well in something he likes and good at it.  I am a mother, so I love to write about my children, especially when they do something good 🙂  And yes more swimming news to bore you, because tomorrow (Tuesday in this part of the world) both of my sons will compete in inter-school swimming carnival 🙂


Also, these past two days we have been busy with school interview for year 7.  The boys are in year 5 at the moment, so in two years time they are going to High School! Oh my God, time flies so fast! In Australia from year 1 to 6 is called Primary School.  Then year 7 to 12 is High School.  I don’t really like the term ‘high school’, it sounds so mature although in fact it’s actually middle school or junior high.  I don’t know why they categorize year 7 to 9 as high school. Anyway, we enrolled the boys to two high schools, both are private and catholic.  Monday and Tuesday just past, we spent our morning with interviews. Though we had to be in the same room with them, but the principal of the school asked questions directly to the boys.  First school is co-ed and second is boys only.  Both are good school and (expensive).  We could have saved money by sending them to public school, but it’s a long story to explain why we don’t.  I’ll write about that some other time.

Both interviews went well.  Thank God the boys behaved :p ! Now we are just waiting for the school to let us know whether they get the place or not.  I know they both want to go to the boys only school.  Perhaps it’s a good thing to shield them away from the opposite attraction for a while :p

Well, I am so looking forward to the Easter and mid-term break.  I think we all deserve a break from this chaos hectic weeks.  I am looking forward to calm and relax two weeks holiday eating hot cross buns and those yummy Easter eggs! :p

What about you, what are your children up to?

Until then, enjoy your cold winter, early autumn or Indian summer….


2 responses to “motherhood monday : end of term”

  1. congrats twin 1!!! hebat euy!!


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