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on beauty thing….

blush_bigOk, I never write or post about make up before. I don’t even consider myself a make up sassy, I don’t  know what’s the difference between BB, CC, and DD cream! ( Is there any DD cream or just my imagination? 🙂 ) So this post is not about how to apply the right blush on your cheek or how to contour your face (what’s contour?!) or how to apply a fake lashes in less than 15 minutes 🙂

I am sure all of you women, are wearing make up no matter how small amount you put on your face.

What is your make up for day-to-day? What is your beauty regime? Do you spend a fortune on make up brands or you choose a good quality and inexpensive makeup? In the morning when I get up, I wash my face and brush my teeth, then I put suncream on my face, which is very important especially in the summer and I tend to have freckles on my face, then I put bronze to add bit color, fill in my brows, and a light touch of mascara (more often I forget to apply it) and a lip-gloss.  That’s it I am done in less than five minutes! Because you know what, in the morning it’s always a chaos in my household so I really don’t have lot of time to muck around with my face! When I have party to attend or a girls night out I tend to put more make up than my usual day-to-day routine.

I don’t really have a beauty regime though, I try to have facial once every three months when I remember.  Sometimes when I am in the mood and have more energy I will exfoliate and put mask on my face, but that’s all I do to my face. I probably should pay more visit to a Beautician for microdermabrasion to get rid of the dead cells in my skin.

I don’t really spend a fortune on makeup stuff.  I do invest in a bit pricey beauty products such as night cream and eye cream, other than that I opt for drugstore or budget ones.  I used to splurge on the expensive and  higher quality stuff, until one day I found out that the drugstore stuff is actually a rock stars! In my point of view all the expensive makeup stuff is not always better.  You can save on some non-essential things like lip balm, eye-liner, or lipstick and splurge on things like night cream, moisturizer, foundation or makeup brushes.vanity-beauty-620x348

Now my biggest dilemma ever in makeup thing is the brush! If you wear make up you must own a few makeup brushes for sure? How do you store your makeup brushes? Do you keep in a glass jars or keep them neatly tucked away in a case? I love the idea to keep them in a glass jars on top of a vanity table for easy access but I am worried about the cleanliness of the brush.  Being out in the open air of course it’s easy to catch dust/dirt but then if they are stored inside the drawers it’s not easy to get them when you want to apply your makeup. I store my big brushes /face brushes inside the container and all the eye brushes in a glass jar.  But sometimes I just don’t like to think that those brushes are catching dust every day.

I can’t bring myself to spend over $100 for a nice and cool makeup storage like this picture below. I would love to have one like this one day!


Instead I bought this container from Ikea for a mere $15 and so far it stores all my makeup stuff neatly, just wish it had more drawers like the above though!


So, I would like to hear from you what’s your beauty routine and what are the makeup products  you can’t leave home without it? Tell me what’s your favorite beauty products you swear by!

Other than that, happy Friday and hope you all have a good week-end! 🙂


7 responses to “on beauty thing….”

  1. I wear light makeup for work daily. A bit concealer, liquid foundation, eye shadow, eye brow, mascara, eyeliner, blush & colored lipgloss.

    Cleansing milk, day & night creams are my best friends since the weather where I live dries my skin. Drinking lots of water a day hydrates my skin from the inside.

    Can’t leave home without eye brow pencil & lipstick but I go makeup free during holiday, only suncream & day cream.


  2. I can’t leave home without eye brow pencil too! Somehow I feel naked! Thanks for dropping by Lo 🙂 xx


  3. Ria, aku termasuk orang yang males dandan dan bersih2 kulit hehe. Kalo keluar rumah cuman gak bisa kalo gak pake eyeliner ama eye shadow doang ehh lipstik juga deng hehe. Makin tuek kayaknya aku harus peratiin deh kulitku ini 🙂 *malah curhat*


    1. Non, aku juga pada dasarnya agak2 males untuk merawat kulit, apalagi disini serba mahal. Makanya kalo pas pulang ke Jkt, langsung turun mesin semua dweh…dari ujung kepala sampai kaki! LOL.


  4. hihi lipsticknya pake mac ya mba…favoritku si “hug me” the best nude lipstick aja for my skin tone. tapi kadang suka gak pake. sekarang lagi seneng pake lippenya si L’oreal .daily routine make up ya toner-serum-pelembab -bb cream ( lagi sukaa banget pake si naked BB cream ) loose powder-mascara-gelliner + browset buat alis ( pentinggg iniii klo gak, bisa liat tuyul ntar ahahahahah dulu suka pake pensil alis viva tapi kok sekarang udah gak sebagus kaya dulu ya hiks)

    mmmh my make up brush just put in regular jar aja kok mba. lagipula brush make up suka gak kepake juga.lebih milih pake tangan :))))

    ohya boleh info mba night cream and eye cream mba pake apa ya? thankyuuu 🙂


    1. Hi Nis…ih sama donk kita aku juga suka si hug me untuk siang hari kalo lagi in the nude mood 🙂 Iya untuk lipstick sepertinya aku cocok dengan MAC dan Stilla, selebihnya bikin bibir aku kering dan pecah2 meskipun uda dipakein vitamin. Ehh…aku juga nge-fans sama pinsil alis VIVA hahahaa….selalu kalo pulang ke Jkt tidak lupa nyetok pinsil alis VIVA! Ahhh…kirain cuma aku doank, aku juga lagi mikir ini pinsil viva knapa ga se-ok dulu2 ya, kirain karna klamaan disimpan ternyata kamu gitu juga ya Nis? Agak2 keras gitu ya kalo dipake, dulu2 ga.
      Pake BB cream merk apa Nis? Naked BB cream? Sounds good…what brand? I use Maybeline dan Palmer’s Eventone BB Cream. Untuk eye cream aku pake Clinique All About Eyes tapi kadang suka pake Argan Oil (they are the best!) sementara untuk night cream aku pake Estee Lauder Night Firming Creme atau kalo lagi budgeting Neutrogena Ageless creme. Aveeno ada ga di Jkt? Itu juga bagus menurut orang2, aku pake moisturisernya emang ok sih ga bikin kulit kering.


      1. Bb cream nya merk urban decay yg naked version. Teksturnya smooth banget kaya gak pake aja mba. Cobain deh mba pasti di aussie lebih muraahhhh ya dibanding disini hiks.

        Oya sama klo mac yg nude aku juga pake till tomorrow dia lebih matte aja. Secara bibirku tuh klo pake yang sheer or glossy kaya abis makan gorengan deh. Stilla aku dulu pernah coba tapi gak cucok kaya kering gitu mba. Yaahh cucok2 an lah ya yg namanya make up ini.

        Gak pernah tau aveeno mba, tapi ntar coba ah kroscek ke mall. Aku palingan pake essence skII or klo lagi abis n bokek pake yg murmer wardah ahahahaha. Cucok aja si diaku. Klo buat mata palingan pake garnier roll on doang.

        Tapi diantara semua make up bagian fav aku itu blush on!!! hehehehe. Fav aku dari dulu si shu uemura yg light pink sama elf. Awet di aku.

        Iya viva bukan aku doang mba yg ngrasa banyak juga kaya temen2ku bilang gitu. Mamaku juga iya sekarang katanya produk pensil alis yg murah n bagus katanya si sari ayu. Aku juga gak tau ya belum nyoba juga..


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