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[ travel ] Brisbane – Queensland


When we only had five full days and a half in Brisbane, we made sure we should cover a bit of the sight-seeing subjects. It was my first time visiting Brisbane, capital city of Queensland, known also as Brisvegas.


Day 1.
Our flight touched down the tarmac at around 7.30 on Saturday morning. Thanks to Jetstar for being an hour late as usual! We had a not so pleasant flight, it was choked a block full and one baby just kept crying the whole time. I did felt sorry for the parents but also kept us awake for the rest of 4.5 hours! Also, the passengers behind us kept kicking at our seats every half an hour. I told them nicely not to do it but failed miserably. I guess they were Korean or Chinese who didn’t speak English at all or very little.

So, lacked of sleep and tired we retreated to Oaks on Felix. After shower and light breakfast we hit the sack and gained sleep for couple hours. Felt much alive after the nap we went for light lunch at the café nearby the apartment. Then strolled along the river while waiting for the father of my children finished work.

My hubby had booked rock climbing activity for the boys. So around 5, we all headed to Kangaroo Points. The boys had fun-tastic time climbing outdoor, well they are monkeys for sure 🙂
After rock climbing, we walked to the South Bank and had dinner at Stoke Bar with a view of Story Bridge as a background. It was a wonderful evening and delicious dinner, blessed! Walked back to the apartment along the bridge and through the Botanic Garden. What a day!









Day 2.
Spent the rest of the day at Dreamworld and Surfer Paradise. My children and hubby did all the thrill ride, while I was happy taking picture of them. High on adrenaline is not my cup of tea :p. Had a bit drive around the Surfer Paradise, and darling husband could not resist the urge to swim in the beautiful sea….in his jock!








Day 3.
Checked out the city surrounding and ended up at Queens Mall. Very lazy day.



Day 4.
Went to Tangalooma Island woohoo! Caught a ferry from Holt St to Tangalooma, just the boys and myself as someone had to work :p The 75 minutes ferry ride was pleasant and relax.

It’s a beautiful island or like my boys said it’s paradise! The water was crystal clean and very calm. Soft white sand. Lots of things you can do from swimming, snorkeling, para sailing, kayaking, paddling, quad biking and many more. Nice looking villas are also available for rent. If you just go for a day trip like us you still can use all the facilities in the resort including their pools. Towels can be hired for free just need to deposit $20 per towel which at the end of the day when you return the towel you can get your money back.

We went snorkeling the Tangalooma ship wrecks and it was soo….amazing! Lots of pretty corals and colorful fish and I even spotted a wobbygong. It actually just lied underneath me and I almost freaked out! I regretted myself that I left my camera on the land so I had no pictures at all! We also saw so many bottle nose dolphins jumping around, so adorable.





Day 5.

Had a lazy morning at the apartment.  Caught up with a lovely old mate for lunch near the pier.  Then the boys and I walked through Botanic Garden to the South Bank.  Strolled around the bank, had ice cream and stopped at Street Beach to watch people swimming and lazing around the man-made beach.  It was a beautiful afternoon, we were very lucky to have such a gorgeous weather while in Brisbane. It wasn’t too hot neither cold or windy, just perfect!  Went back by ferry  and ended the day having BBQ at a friend’s house somewhere up the hill.







Packed up and had lunch with darling husband at sushi café nearby.  Walked around the city and checked out couple shops before headed back to the apartment.

Well, this perhaps will be our last holiday in summer.  School will resume soon, still another two weeks though.  Thank you Brisbane for having us.  We had fabulous time exploring a bit of your city.  Till next time!


6 responses to “[ travel ] Brisbane – Queensland”

  1. setiap lihat pantai pantai gini jadi mupeng…what a fun holiday ya 🙂


    1. Summer = beach almost every day Pie 😀


  2. mamanya just happy take picture aja ya mba gausa ikutan naik2 ahahaha. seru banget itu yang dipantai.


    1. Not for faint heart like mine, Nis 🙂


  3. Maureen@ScoopsofJoy Avatar

    Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for taking on a mini Brisbane tour, girl!


    1. My pleasure, darl! 🙂


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