leonard cohen world tour


Last night hubby and I went to see Leonard Cohen in concert.  It was kind of our late 14th anniversary celebration.  Anyway, I didn’t really know this old man called Leonard Cohen.  I only knew one of his songs which is Hallelujah.  But hubby is a big fan of Mr. Cohen.  So, as a dutiful and good wife I came along with him to see this old man :p

I certainly wasn’t disappointed by his performance.  For a 79 year old man he is good, he sang for almost three hours on stage with lots of bending over and kneeling on one knee. Even my hubby, who is thirty year younger than him, can’t do it!

The suit-wearing old man  opened the show with Dance Me To The End of Love and he captivated the audience for more than three hours with his charismatic and poetic lyrics.  Besides Hallelujah, I love  First We Take Manhattan and also I’m Your Man. His backing singers were amazing, at times almost stealing the show. Oh My God, their voices were so angelic. I can’t really elaborate how good their voices are because I am no expert on music or singing stuff, but I know for sure it enthralled the whole audience at the Perth Arena.  It left the whole place feeling eerie, almost spiritual, in a good way, if you know what I meant.

Leonard Cohen was joined by a host of amazing  musicians from around the world, each contributing incredible solo performances as well as enhancing the Masters poetic lyrics.

Many times I thought he had finished the show but then he came back on stage and kept singing.  The show finally end with his Closing Time song.  Thank you for the amazing night Mister Cohen, you are truly a legend.


2 responses to “leonard cohen world tour”

  1. how exciting night mba 🙂
    too bad i dont know who he is .
    so..barusan aku nyontek di youtube deh heheheheheh


    1. Same here, I didn’t really know him if it’s not because of my hubby. I guess he’s too old for you and me…lol! 🙂


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