hot yoga


I have been doing bikram yoga for about a month or so.  And I can tell you, it is hard and very daunting! Well at least for me.  It’s not that kind of exercise that you are looking forward to do so.  I need to prepare my mental as well as my body really good a day before I decide to go to bikram class.

Have you been to bikram? Bikram yoga is a set of 26 yoga poses practiced in a room heated to 40 degree Celsius for 90 minutes.  Me, being Asian, you would think I get used to heat and hot humid temperature.  But oh my no!  I am one of those people who can’t tolerate hot humid weather at all, I will sweat like crazy and very easy to get irritated.

The 26 postures that we have to do is actually not that hard-core but doing it in the heated 40 degree Celsius make it very difficult.  I heard the instructor yelled to lock your knee….lock your knee…. I am struggling to breathe here let alone lock my knee!  Sweat just keep dripping from my body and sometimes I feel dizzy and nausea, which is normal in your first class.  Actually even after the 5th class I still feel dizzy, all I have to do just  sit down then join again when I have my strength back.

So you probably wondering if it’s that daunting why I want to do it? Well, first I always like to challenge myself.  I have heard about bikram yoga for a long time but just recently had a courage to join in.  My biggest fear of being in the hot humid room got to be fixed.  But oh boy…it’s pretty damn difficult.  Second, from what I read bikram yoga is one of the best ways to detoxify, energize and build a strong body, also limit the effect of aging and promote weight loss.  I also think it’s good for back aching because of the stretching and balancing acts we have to do.

I have never been a yoga person before.  I used to think that yoga is too slow and not an energetic exercise for me.  I am more to zumba, boxing, or body pump person.  But I have changed my mind since I joined a yoga class near my children’s school. I don’t know what kind of yoga it is (the one that not practiced in the heated room, but some of the postures are the same) but I like it and I think it help my back ache also mental ache :p

If you are interested in doing bikram after reading this, prepare yourself physically and mentally.  Drink lots of water before coming to your first class.  Pace and look after yourself in the class.  Listen to your body, sit down if you feel dizzy.  Then you’ll be fine.  Bikram teaches me to be patience, to concentrate and to have self-control.



4 responses to “hot yoga”

  1. Gile yoga di suhu 40 selama 45 menit, buset deh..he.he.he.BB turun berapa kilo sebulan ? 🙂


    1. Selama 90 menit alias 1.5 jam, bukan 45 menit😉😀


  2. soo, this is the secret to looking great ya mba..what i have a good body like you !! oohh want it so bad..tapi yoga(bikram) ?? give up! tried it once..wanna die!! so HOTmba T_T


    1. Hahahaaa….Nisaaa ya ga juga dweh. Ma kasih compliment-nya, tapi kamu juga uda kurus gitu secara Bazyl kan baru setahun lebih bukan? Jangan kuyus2 banget nanti ga ada ‘love handle’ loh 🙂 🙂 ga, aku juga ga rutin ke bikram cuma seminggu sekali aza, itu juga tiap mau bikram prepare mental dan fisiknya ngalahin mo ujian kale! Sumpiii…aku jg ga tahan sama panasnya itu! Meleleh! Sampe sekarang juga suka ga tahan, tapi disini kl kita ga tahan kita duduk aza tapi ga bole kluar ruangan. Kalo pusing dan kliyengannya uda ilang or mendingan, nah ikut lagi gerak2annya. Aku ikut yoga yg biasa juga selain bikram, plus krn disini semuanya kudu dikerjain sendiri oh ya plus punya 2 anak yg bandel2, jadi mau ga mau ya kurus sendiri hihihi.

      Nisa uda langsing gitu, uda cukup tinggal dimaintain aza. Sering2 ngejar2 Bazyl dey pasti cepet langsing 🙂


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