[ road trip ] a journey on roads

It’s March already, autumn should approach this part of the world. But guess what? It’s freaking HOT! You won’t believe that today the temperature is 40C….yeah, and it’s autumn!

Anyhow I have an exciting road trip to look forward to. It will be my third road trip and the second for my twin boys. We are going to drive to Victoria from Western Australia then continue to Tasmania. Of course, we need to cross the sea to Tasmania by ferry. For that matter we have booked our seats on Spirit of Tasmania. Another thing to look forward and get excited as I’ve never been on the big ship before 🙂 We will spend most of the time traveling and exploring Tasmania.

We always long to do this road trip. Originally we planned to do a round trip all over Australia and it would probably take about three to six  months. But for school and work reasons we decided to postpone that idea and do this mini five weeks road trip first. Then see how it goes!

My hubby gets most of car and camping stuff sorted and organized. Food, kids’ entertainment and clothes wise is my part. It’s a bit chaos and stressed at the moment as we are leaving next Saturday, only 6 days to go!  Meanwhile lots of things to do, what to bring / to pack,  what to prepare, and on top of that we still have to pack up the house and sort out the water system in the garden area and of course not to mention the animals. In this case, the fish and the big hairy sulky four legs Sammy. Lucky, our neighbors offered to look after the garden, fish and the dog 🙂

Speaking about clothes, I am a bit in dilemma on what to wear and to pack! Around Western Australia and Victoria the weather probably will be hot to mild while in Tasmania will be cold. So, to me looks like I have to pack both summer and winter clothes. Plus we also have a wedding to attend in Tasmania. Now, what about the footwear? Should I bring flip-flop, flats, boots, walking shoes, oh and a high heel for the wedding?? Ohhh….headache :))


These are ready to go, folding tables, couple containers for food, swags, our tent, but not the lawn-mower though 😐


Here are couple great reasons why we want to drive:

  1. No hire -car fees. Don’t need to pay for airport parking, bus, rail, or taxi fares.
  2. Freedom to explore.
  3. Make our own time-table.
  4. Family essential on hand. For family with children taking your own car is so much convenient.
  5. Taking our own kit. There’s nothing like having your own fishing rod on hand!
  6. Take our own accommodation. Bring the caravan or tent and stay at holiday parks, saving on accommodation cost.
  7. Bring back souvenirs, without have to worry about the extra luggage 🙂
  8. Drive on, drive off.

Above all of those reasons, I think it would be a great experience for the children and sure we would have lots of fun traveling around the states.  We also are  prepared ourselves for the tantrums and fights between the kids,  and bickering between my hubby and myself 🙂

Last but not least, I am obsessed with color jeans at the moment. They are so cute and I love all the vibrant and gorgeous shades. Perfect company for my road trip , they can cheer me up for when we get bogged in the sand dune or lost in the middle of the desert!




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