[ travel ] a quick update from the island of god

I know I know. I’ve been neglected this part of my life for so long. It’s hard enough to keep up to date with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc while also juggling motherhood and being a good wife!

A lots of things happened this last couple of months. Happy stuff and very not so happy stuff. I won’t elaborate too much about the not so happy stuff as for privacy matter. But the bright thing that had happened to me was, I went to New York City! Yesss….I did it, by myself! So very proud of myself *huge grinned on my face even when I am writing this*

New York City is so awesome, vibrant, colorful, yet filthy and can be pretty rough at times. I had a very wonderful time and love the city so much! I will write about my adventure in NYC more when I have spare time. It was the highlight of my 2011!

Both my parents in law had passed away just recently. First my Father-in-law and only seventeen days later my Mother-in-law followed him to heaven. It was pretty tough and difficult times for all of us. Surely they both will be missed very dearly in our hearts. In another hand, I believe that they both are happy now together up there. Rest In Peace to both of you, we will always love you.

We are now in Bali, staying in Ubud for another 20 days with our two wild golden Boys. Every year we always try to come back to Ubud for our anniversary. Last time we were here it was a year and half ago. So, there’s not much changed except more villas are being build which is sad in my opinion. It would make Ubud as crowd as Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak, with all those posh and fancy villas that the tranquility and unique of pure Ubud village will be deceased among these modern villas and shops. As much as I love Starbuck, it made me cringed yesterday when I passed a new Starbuck café at Monkey Forest. I just don’t want Bali, especially Ubud end up like trashy Ibiza!

My Boys are out doing the cycling track around Kintamani area. I would love to join them but the father of my children doesn’t think I am confidence enough to ride the bike up and down the hills. As you probably know already that I just learned to ride a bike couple months ago! So to save him for having to carry me ( or my bike ) he decided that I better do what I love most….yes, you’re right retail therapy! Christmas shopping won’t do any harm to him 🙂

Now I better get off and ready for my adventure….walking along the streets on my flip- flop, tank and short, and cool sunnies,  under the heat of Ubud (hopefully today won’t be as hot and humid as yesterday) and trying to haggle for every thing, what a fun!

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