no pain no gain?

no pain
EDIT: I have back to my eyebrows waxing again, instead of this threading.  I found it’s tidier and the hairs growt longer than threading, less pain too 🙂
Have you ever tried eyebrows threading?  Yup, threading instead of waxing they use threads to remove any unwanted hair on your face.

I went to my regular local beauty salon for eyebrows wax this afternoon, forget that on Saturdays they are closed by mid-day.  In desperate because my eyebrows have looked like an amazon forest so I drove to Southland hoping that one beauty salon that I know is still open.  Walking through the mall, I passed this Zubias and my curiosity sent me inside the salon.  I asked if they can do my eyebrows and straight away I was usher to the special chair.  So, instead of using wax cream they use threads to remove your facial hair.  I was told it’s an ancient Indian technique that uses only a cotton thread which is skillfully manipulated to gently lif the hair off the follicle.  It doesn’t peel your skin so it will leave you with very smooth skin and no redness or irritation.  One good thing is they don’t use any chemical stuff, only a thread.

It took only about 5 minutes for my eyebrows and I think it’s less painfull than waxing ?  I’m still not so sure yet, because I’m a big sulk in painful department.  I get used to wax now that I don’t have to take panadol every time I need it.  The only thing that’s a bit hurt when the threads do the lower part of your eyebrows.  I guess because the skin there is softer than the upper one.  But I’m very happy with the result and also threading gives longer lasting results than waxing or tweezing, why? Because all the hair including the finest hair are removed from the follicle.
If you are living in Perth, Zubias Threading are in Perth, Hillarys, Joondalup, Willeton and Fremantle.  Check out their website :

7 responses to “no pain no gain?”

  1. Rie, dari awal gw mulai rapi'in bulu alis, itu caranya emang threading..Salon langganan gw di Pasar Baru yg mayoritas customernya emang orang India. Threading itu asli cara Indian minimize bulu2nya; mulai dari alis, bulu dimuka, di tangan, kaki, di jembie, ada juga yg mau ilangin bulu punggung…utk bagian2 yg agak luas, mula2 dihilangkan dg waxing pake cairan semacam gula, abis itu dirapikan dg threading..Skrg deket rumah gw juga udah ada expert-nya, jadi gw gak perlu jauh2 ke Ps Baru lagi…


    1. hi dear
      salon di pasar baru nama nya apa dan disebelah mana ya..
      thanks for your information


      1. Hi Ani, wah maaf ya saya ga tau dimana tepatnya di pasar baru, karna saya ga tinggal di Jkt lagi. Temen saya yg di Jkt itu yg tau….moga2 aza doa baca ini jadi bisa kasi tau ke Ani😊


  2. Hey Nta, thanks for dropping by and left comment 🙂 Ohhh…yeah I remember you told me long time ago that you used to go to Ps Baru for your eyebrows. Well, again Jakarta is always ahead in every thing 🙂 It's been a year or so in here but I just knew it couple weeks ago. I think I still prefer waxing though, I reckon it's less painfull than threading 🙂


  3. Interesting subject! Coming from Perth, Ontario, Canada I've never heard of threading and now I wonder if there is such a thing in these parts. Who says that you don't learn something new every day? Thx, T.


  4. Hi Tateyana, thanks for following my blog 🙂 Yup, apparently it's been a year or so that I even just knew couple weeks ago! But personally I still prefer wax, less tears for me:p


  5. Elizabeth Shelley Hucul Avatar
    Elizabeth Shelley Hucul

    I’ve heard of eyebrow threading for a couple of years now and I really wish this was offered in my town of Salmon Arm, BC. !!
    I hope I get to try this sometime.


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