I feel like my thoughts are too personal so i never know what to write here

I'm Sorry…

Dear Ria,

I understand that you have been very busy juggling your daily errand and looking after the Boys these two weeks by yourself because your partner-in crime is away offshore. I realized too that you were tightening up on your social life and gym schedule a little bit too serious that you haven’t taken me for a walk at the park or nice splash in the river for two days.

You have often left me alone in the backyard with nothing to entertain myself. I have been bored digging out on the lawn, not interested in those silly balls and rugs anymore, getting tired chewing on the Boys’ bike’s pedals….so I have been trying very hard to find something more interesting that can keep me busy and amusing. Then I found this nice fluffy thing and I really LOVE it! Yaayyy…finally I’ve got something new to kill my boredom.

After playing and mucking around with it for a while then I realized you won’t like it if you find out. So when I heard your car pull out in to carport I ran to see you with my dopey guilty eyes and you knew it straight away that I must have done something naughty. The next thing I can hear is you screaming out loud and give me a silent treatment the whole day.

I am very sorry but I am still a puppy you know, and I need lots of attention and plays and love to walk or swim so that I can use all my young energy properly. I apologised for what I have done and please talk to me again and give me lots of cuddle like you use to do to me.

I still love you lots and will think about how to get you a new cushion to replace the one that I have destroyed.

—- SAM —-

4 responses to “I'm Sorry…”

  1. Ahaha… ya ampuuun si Sam. Aku mau ketawa, tapi kasian sama mamanya Sam, jadi akhirnya ikutan sedih *hiks* Awww…. poor you, Ri. Sdh jadi belum masukin Sam ke puppy school? Mudah2an Sam (??) segera bisa dpt bantal yg baru… 🙂


  2. Yik, emang kalo di puppy school bisa diajarin/dibilangin gitu supaya dia ga digging and chewing things yea? Iya nih aku blom sempat2 nyari school buat Sam:D


  3. Huahahha.. sabar banget lo sampe bisa bikin cerita begini :)). But been there, done that. Wkt itu gue tinggal teriak ke suami. Pas juga anjingnya ‘dia’, hahahah!


  4. elo siy enak ven, tinggal teriak ke suami, gue teriak ke…tetangga aza kale yah?? cute siy and the boys love him but ga tahan bo’ kalo uda mulai digging and chewing every thing. hiihhhh….pengen gue bikin sate aza kalo uda geto:p


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